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Widow Lucas
005 Granny 250px
1x13 What Happened to Frederick episode still of Beverley Elliott as Granny
Season(s) 1, 2
Portrayed by Beverley Elliott
First appearance 1x01 Pilot
Latest appearance 2x11 The Outsider
Episode count 16[1]
Status Alive
Species Werewolf
Date of birth/Age About 60 years old
Occupation Owner of Granny's Cafe
Owner of Granny's Bed & Breakfast
Parents Unnamed father (deceased)
Sibling(s) Six brothers (deceased)
Spouse(s) Former:
Lucas (deceased)
Children Anita (deceased)

Widow Lucas/Granny is the mother of Anita, and the grandmother of Red Riding Hood/Ruby.


Widow LucasEdit

Widow Lucas, simply referred to as Granny, is the grandmother of Red Riding Hood. She is very protective of Red, insisting that Red always wear her cloak and preventing her from going out when it is dark. She also disapproves of Red's relationship with Peter. When a wolf starts killing villagers, Granny warns the others that the wolf is a monster; she tells them that when she was a girl, a wolf killed her father and her brothers and then bit her before it walked away. Red and Snow White come to believe Peter is the wolf, and they trick Granny so Red can chain Peter and spend the night with him. Granny discovers the deception and reveals that Red inherited the family curse and is actually the wolf. Granny received the red cloak from a wizard, who enchanted it so that it prevents Red's transformation. Granny herself became a wolf when Red's grandfather turned her into a wolf after marking her with a bite and later finding her. The other aspects of the curse faded with age, but she has kept her heightened senses. By the time Granny and Snow find Red, she has already killed Peter. They throw the cloak over Red, and Granny urges the pair to run and escape the hunters after the wolf. The pair are later seen helping Snow rescue Prince Charming, and much later they help determine the best way to fight the Evil Queen and her curse.


In Storybrooke, she is only known as Granny and is the owner of Granny's Inn and Granny's Cafe and is the grandmother of Ruby. Her health problems prevent Ruby from leaving town. Their relationship is hostile as Granny disapproves of Ruby's behavior and sexually provocative attire. Ruby becomes tired of her grandmother telling her what to do and quits her job. Ruby eventually returns and apologizes to her grandmother, who tells her that she was making Ruby work so hard because she wanted her to take over the Cafe. Granny's memories are returned at the same time as Ruby's.


Season one: recurringEdit

Episode Role
1x01 Pilot Widow Lucas/Granny
1x02 The Thing You Love Most Granny
1x08 Desperate Souls Granny
1x12 Skin Deep Granny
1x13 What Happened to Frederick Granny
1x14 Dreamy Granny
1x15 Red-Handed Widow Lucas/Granny
1x19 The Return Granny
1x21 An Apple Red as Blood Widow Lucas/Granny
1x22 A Land Without Magic Granny

Season two: recurringEdit

Episode Role
2x01 Broken Granny
2x02 We Are Both Granny
2x07 Child of the Moon Granny
2x08 Into the Deep Granny
2x10 The Cricket Game Widow Lucas/Granny
2x11 The Outsider Granny
2x13 Tiny Granny


  • Likes fast cars.[2]


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  1. Including 2x11 The Outsider.

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