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The Untold Stories
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Screenshot of the game's homepage
Released September 7, 2012
"Well dearie, I do appreciate the visit, but you've found me in a bit of bind. You see, some precious objects of mine have, shall we say, vanished. No one dares to break a deal with me, but it seems theft is another matter entirely. Rather than seek this criminal out, I have a proposition for you. Retrieve my items, and you will be paid handsomely. Open your inventory to begin the hunt."
Mr. Gold

The Untold Stories is a Facebook point-and-click game launched on September 7, 2012. However, you do not need a Facebook account to play the game. In the game your job is to help Mr. Gold find items that have been stolen from his shop. In your inventory, there are eight items. As you find the items, you'll get exclusive letters from the characters, called an "untold story". Some of the letters seems to have been replaced by others, so the sooner you join the game, the more letters you'll get to see. The letters can later be found in your inventory. The game also features character pages and features music from the score.

How to find the stolen itemsEdit

Do not read this section if you want to find the items yourself.

  • The Genie lamp, can be found on Regina's Fairytale land page. You have to click on the end of the lamp, dragging your mouse along the end, as if you're rubbing it. When you have succeeded, you have to write three wishes.
  • The chipped cup can be found on Rumplestiltskin's Fairytale land page.
  • The slipper is found on Cinderella's character page. The blue slipper fits the foot with the ribbon tattoo, the clear glass slipper fits the last foot, and so on.
  • Jefferson's hat can be found on his character page.
  • The dagger can be found on the table on The Magic Mirror's page.
  • The cloak can be found on Red Riding Hood's page.
  • The golden sword can be found on Charming 's page.
  • The clock can be found on Jiminy Cricket's page.

Archie's filesEdit

When you click on "Archie's files" on "Explore Storybrooke", you can click on a notebook at the desk, where Archie has notes on several people in Storybrooke, including Ruby, Granny, Emma Swan, Mary Margaret, Regina, Ashley, Leroy, Sidney, Dr. Whale, David, Mr. Gold, Marco, and a mysterious unnamed patient at the Storybrooke hospital, with blonde hair. The notes are marked "January 13, 2019".


Agrabah's letterEdit

The Genie's letter to Regina could be found when you first find the Genie lamp, but has now been replaced with Henry's letter. It said:

... Oh, I'm sorry, I forget that you speak English. Let me star again...

Marid Jinn are far from the fairest of creatures. So much so that most are surprised to learn that I am one. I almost prefer my human form nowadays. If humans didn't possess so many of the worst qualities of the Jinn, and yet lack our magic - I would stay one for eternity. Although, I suppose immortality isn't a very human trait at all.

It may surprise you to learn that Jinn have societal systems and structures just as you do. In fact, I attended to the daughter of a Queen! That's right. I was the beauty stylist to one of the most precocious young Jiniri you could ever meet. And she was without a doubt the most beautiful little Ifrit I had ever groomed - even in her first hundred years! And especially when she took smoke form. Oh! It was exquisite. So much plumage and at least seven colors that your dimension does not possess.

I loved her in a very fatherly way, and she cared for me as well. That was my only crime: I cared too much, and she cared for me. Perhaps even more than she cared for her own jealous father. I suppose it didn't help his jealous nature that I was a handsome and strapping Jinn of a mere 700 years. Indeed, I was desired and adored by all of the Jiniri in the court those days, and I'm sure the King couldn't stand it.

The King's favorite punishment was to banish his victims to the sea, but as a marid, that would be like sending a turtle on land back to the water (I'm actually more of a beach-dweller myself). No, no, he got creative with me. Since beauty and vanity was my business, and I had all of the adoration I could wish for, he locked me up. Hidden from sight with my fading beauty wasted in seclusion, I was forced to wait for unfortunate humans to stumble across the rather ugly lamp that had become my prison. Three rubs and I had to grant three wishes to these pathetic dreamers in the most terribly twisted ways.

As fate would have it, it was a king who imprisoned me, and it was a king who set me free.

And that Regina, my love, is how I wound up in this castle today with my heart in your hands. Now you know who, and what, I am.

Love, your Agrabah.[1]

Graham's letterEdit

A letter from Graham to Emma could be found when you found the chipped cup, but it has now been replaced with Rumplestiltskin's letter. However, you can read the letter here. It said:

My Dear Emma,

It's strange the things you find when you're not looking for them.

I've been drifting through my own life, cut off from feeling for others or letting them feel for me. I wasn't looking for anyone to snap me out of this lonely existence - or didn't realize I was - until I met you. And what a curious person to bring this all to light. You too go through life at a distance from those around you. It's ironic, or maybe fitting, that we'd get close to no one, except maybe each other.

The difference is, you do it by choice. And I can't think of a sadder reason to love someone than because they also cannot truly love. And yet... well, maybe those aren't words for a letter.

You may be my only chance to feel again, to fill this void where I can never be sure a heart did once beat, and I wonder if I might be your only chance to tear down the wall you've built around yourself. For both our sakes, I hope that's not the case. But if it is, my greatest wish is that we be together.

Yours, Graham

Henry's letterEdit

A letter from Henry to his birth mother can be found when you find the genie lamp. The letter says:

Dear Mom,

Is that OK? If I call you mom? I wasn't sure if you liked Mom, or Mommy, or maybe even your name best. But most of the other kids in class call their moms Mom, so I went with that for now.

Today was pretty boring. Kind of the same as every day. My mom - adopted mom, Regina, made pancakes, but there wasn't any syrup and I think they were that whole wheat thing. I went to school. We're learning tricks for all the state capitols. But we've been learning them for so long I don't even need the tricks anymore. Then I went to Dr. Hopper. I'm not supposed to talk about what I talk about with him, but there was some stuff that I thought about with him, and no one said I couldn't say those things. Most of them are pretty boring, because they're about sneaking ice cream or a cool spider, but there are a couple things I thought about that I wanted to tell you.

I love you. Sometimes I think maybe you're scared to come find me because you're worried I don't love you. But you don't have to worry, because I do.

Other times I worry that you're not looking. That you forgot, or that you think I didn't turn out OK. If that's what it is, I promise I'm pretty good. You can ask my teacher, Ms. Blanchard. She's really nice and I think she likes me a lot. I'll get her number, you can call her and ask.

Can I tell you a secret? You have to promise not to tell anybody, because it's kind of embarrassing. Sometimes, when there's no one else home, I talk to you. Out loud, like you're there. It's usually just dumb stuff while we're brushing our teeth or doing long division, but for a few minutes you're there. And it's really really nice.

Ms. Blanchard says she's got something for me. Something that'll "give me hope." But I don't need hope really, I just need patience. I know you'll come sooner or later. Maybe it's a Gameboy.

Sooner, I think. I have a feeling. Henry (your son).

A longer ending was added later with the words:

P.S. I don't have a place to send these, but that's okay. I like just writing them.

Rumplestiltskin's letterEdit

Rumplestiltskin's letter to Belle, after she left and before Regina arrived to tell him she died, can be found if you click on the chipped cup when you have it in your inventory. The letter says:

Dearest Belle,

I have all the possesions for which a man may dream. My castle is spacious, I have the finest of furniture, and I possess endless spools of gold.

But I have no heart.

Black as it may have been, I once had it working again. No. You had it working again. It was you, and it was yours. And you took it. You took it from me - my heart. You took it and you left. You hurt me, and I hate you. I HATE YOU. Because I love you, and you made me need you. And I DON'T CARE that I told you to go. You're gone! You LEFT! You're gone, and I will never forgive. Never forgive. I wish, I wish you were dea...

After Betsy Tarr complained on Twitter saying "Please reassure very upset Rumbelle fans. Game on ONCE Facebook has Rumple writing to Belle saying he wishes she were dead and that he hates her. Maybe it was just the game, but many Rumbelle fans are just heartbroken by this and they have lost faith. Once Rumbelle is destroyed, you won't get it back."[2][3][4] Adam Horowitz replied with "it shouldn't say that. I will look into it. We have a deep love for all you Rumbellers out there!"[5] and a new letter from Mr. Gold to Belle replaced the old one. It says:


Forgive me. I had to depart early this morning. You were sleeping so soundly I couldn't bring myself to wake you.

I am out on business, but I should be back just after noon to join you for lunch. I would prefer you not go out alone, as the town is much bigger than one might anticipate, but of course you are free to do so, should you wish. It is simply an advisement, neither a command nor request.

Should you choose to remain indoors, there are several items around the house with which you may not be familiar. We will confront all of them in due time, but I hope to have covered the necessities here.

I assume you will be hungry upon waking. I took the liberty of slicing you a bowl of plums. They are in the refrigerator: the large man-sized metal box next to the stove. Simply pull the handle (it will open towards you), and the bowl will be sitting on the second shelf from the top. Do not be alarmed: the air is much cooler inside. For this reason, please try to remember to shut the door once you have retrieved the fruit.

On the counter next to the refrigerator is a smaller, metal show-box type contraption. You will see two slices of bread protruding through slits in the top. Push down on the lever so the bread disappears, wait one minute until it pops up, then remove it and place it on the plate I have set out. This box is a toaster. It has, accordingly, made you toast. DO NOT put your hands inside the slits in attempt to pull the bread out before it has reemerged. It is VERY HOT inside the toaster. You WILL burn yourself.

Butter is on the dish by the sink. Tea is in the cupboard over the butter. I take it you have not forgotten how to use a kettle. It has been filled with water.

Should you need me, for any reason, please call. I will be upset if you do not. I know we broached the subject yesterday, but a refresher: the telephone is the "silly red upside-down hat with a curly tail" (as you aptly described it), on the table to your right when you wake up. My number is taped to the top.

I love you. I could not wait for lunch to tell you.

Please do try to remember to shut the refrigerator.


Ashley's letterEdit

When you find Cinderella's slipper, you get a letter from Ashley. It says:

My love,

I cannot wait. I cannot wait to marry you.

As I stand here with you, looking into your eyes, I have never been more certain.
I have never been more certain of my home.
I have never been more certain of my family.
I have never been more certain of my future, my purpose, my partner.

I cannot wait. I cannot wait to be your wife.

As I stand here with you, your hands in mine, I have never been more full.
I have never been more full of love.
I have never been more full of hope.
I have never been more full of faith, of happiness, of anticipation.

I cannot wait. I cannot wait to start our life together.

As I stand here with you, our future hanging in the space between our lips, I cannot remember.
I cannot remember when we met.
I cannot remember when we parted.
But more, I cannot remember a time I didn't love you.

I have heard that a dream is just a wish your heart makes. Well, I have dreamt of nothing but your eyes, your hands, your lips since you've been away. I thank my stars above those wishes have finally been granted.

I cannot wait. I cannot wait for my heart to be reborn, and beat with yours.

I am yours, around the clock, forever after.


Paige/Grace's letterEdit

Instead of a letter, you will unlock a "have You Seen my Papa?" poster when you find Jefferson's hat. It says:

have You Seen my Papa?


Responds to "Papa," but doesn't have any other nicknames.

Age: 29
Height: around 6'
Weight: Normal
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

last seen wearing a red button down, brown vest and scarf, and his dirty grayish trench coat. my Papa is a very good man and I miss him very much. If you've seen him, please call me. I'm very worried because the last time I saw him he missed tea, and that's not like him at all.

Contact Paige/Grace, 8th house down on Drury


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