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Killian Jones
015 The Cricket Game episode still of Killian Jones 250px
2x10 The Cricket Game episode still of Killian Jones
Season(s) 2, 3, 4
Portrayed by Colin O'Donoghue
First appearance 2x04 The Crocodile
Latest appearance Current
Episode count 37[1]
Status Alive
Nickname(s) Captain Hook
Gender Male
Date of birth/Age Nearly 300
True Love Emma Swan
Significant other(s) Former:
Milah (deceased)

Emma Swan

"A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets."
―Killian Jones[src]
Killian Jones, also known as Captain Hook, or simply Hook, is a pirate who fell in love with Milah, the wife of Rumplestiltskin. Wanting his revenge on Rumplestiltskin for killing her, he traveled to Storybrooke to seek it. He later gives up on this quest and becomes an ally of the main characters, especially Emma Swan.


Captain Hook is first known as Killian Jones, a pirate captain who the then-human Rumplestiltskin meets in a bar while he is attempting to claim his wife, Milah. When Milah is taken by the pirates, Rumplestiltskin pleads with Killian to let her go but Killian laughs at the cowardly man. Some time later, after Rumplestilskin becomes the Dark One, he sees Killian in a bar again. He confronts Killian who at first laughs at this "crocodile" but then realizes who Rumple is. He tells Rumple that Milah is dead and Rumple challenges him to a duel. Rumple is about to kill Killian when Milah arrives, very much alive and Killian's long time lover. She bargains for Killian's life by offering Rumple a magic bean that can transport him to another world to find Baelfire. Rumple is willing to forgive Milah for leaving him but not for leaving their son and rips her heart out of her chest. Killian attacks but Rumple slices his left hand off. However, Killian manages to keep the bean and uses a hook he attacked Rumple with for a new hand and thus earns his new name. Captain Hook then uses the bean to open a portal in the water to a land where he and his crew will never age (Neverland) and find a way to get revenge on Rumplestiltskin.[2]

During the time when Belle was locked away by Regina, Killian breaks into her cell and fakes a rescue mission hoping that she would tell him how to kill Rumplestiltskin and when he finds out that she doesn't know how, he knocks her unconscious. On his way out, he comes across Regina who praises his skills as no one was able to fight their way through her defences before and asks him to do her a favor and in exchange she would help him kill Rumplestiltskin. Regina asks Captain Hook to travel to wonderland, kill her mother, and come back with her body which he agrees to do. After he arrives, he gets captured by The Queen of Hearts' who turns out to be Cora (Regina's mother) and threatens to rip his heart out if he doesn't comply to her orders. Hook takes Cora's assumed body back to Regina and when she finds out that Regina still loves her, she spares her daughter and runs away with Hook to an island that she protected from Regina's curse by her own magic and tells him that when the curse gets broken they will travel to the land of no magic and that's when Hook will get his chance to kill Rumplestiltskin with an ordinary weapon.

Killian is shown in the present as Cora comes up to him in the fairy tale land, showing him the remains of the wardrobe that can cross to Storybrooke. Killian is eager to follow to finally settle the score with the "crocodile" that took his hand and love. He poses as a one-handed blacksmith to infiltrate the rebel camp that Cora (posing as 

006 The Doctor episode still of Killian Jones 250px
Lancelot) controls. When Cora massacres the camp, Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan and Aurora find Killian the sole survivor. Emma suspects him and forces him to confess his true identity and how he was sent as a spy. He tells them he can help them get back to Storybrooke if they take him with. Killian says they need to find his special compass and leads them to a beanstalk that leads to where it is hidden.[2]

Killian and Emma travel up the beanstalk to retrieve the compass from the giant and along the way Killian is, very obviously, flirting with Emma. He assists Emma in knocking the giant unconscious and remarks that they make a great team, much to Emma's dislike. They search for the compass but the giant wakes and traps Killian under several large rocks. Emma later frees Killian, but chains him to the wall because she doesn't trust him. Killin later escapes the giant and meets up with Cora. Rather than kill him for his betrayal, Cora decides to simply abandon him. He later sneaks into Cora's camp and frees Aurora (who had earlier been captured by Cora's zombies), telling her to pass on the message that Emma can trust him. In a twist, however, Killian reveals that he stole Aurora's heart, and gives it to Cora so the princess can be controlled. Cora and Killian then use Aurora's heart to catch up with them and succeed in their quest only to be stopped in their tracks by Emma (whose heart was too strong for Cora to rip out). However, Cora and Hook eventually make it to Storybrooke through a magic bean that Hook stole from the Giant. [2]

After Cora had abducted Archie Hopper and made it look like Regina had killed Archie, Killian is shown by Cora that
005 The Outsider screencap of Killian Jones 250px
she has Archie tied up in his ship. Killian then interrogates Archie in order to find out where he can find Mr. Gold. When Mr. Gold is at the border testing his new spell-breaking powder with Belle that can enable them to leave Storybrooke, Killian finds them and wounds Belle. Before Killian can kill Mr. Gold, a car coming into Storybrooke knocks him off the road before it crashes. Killian survives just as the ambulance arrives. Killian ended up in the hospital handcuffed to his hospital bed and with his hook confiscated by Emma as she asks him where Cora is. Killian just mentioned that Cora is off pursuing her own agenda.[2]

When Mr. Gold leaves Storybrooke with Emma and Henry to find his long-lost son Baelfire, Killian realizes that his enemy will have no access to magic outside of Storybrooke, and pursues them in his ship, the Jolly Roger. He corners Mr. Gold in the lobby of Baelfire's apartment building and stabs him in the heart with his hook, which is laced with Dreamshade poison. This poison allegedly has no cure, and Killian believes his revenge against Rumplestiltskin has finally been carried out. Emma then knocks Killian out and locks him in a storage room.

Mr. Gold, Henry, Emma, and Baelfire flee back to Storybrooke on Killian's ship to find a cure. Mr. Gold persuades Snow White to trick Regina into kill her own mother with an enchanted candle, thus saving him from the poison. 

Killian, unaware that his revenge has failed, is rescued from the storage room by Greg and Tamara, two anti-magic crusaders who bring him back to Storybrooke in the hopes of striking a deal with him. They reveal that Mr. Gold is alive and convince Killian to help them destroy magic in Storybrooke once and for all. Killian agrees, as destroying Storybrooke will also destroy Mr. Gold. With Killian's help, they capture Regina and try to torture the location of Storybrooke's self-destruct device from her. Killian does not participate in the torture, as it does not have any relation on his quest for vengeance.

Greg and Tamara ultimately recover the self-destruct device and activate it. At this point, Killian has a change of heart and realizes that he is not willing to destroy Mr. Gold if it also involves destroying himself in the process. He travels to Emma and Snow's apartment, where he explains what has happened and offers his help. Killian and Charming go down to the docks to track down Greg and Tamara, and after a brief scuffle they get their hands on a single magic bean.

They proceed to Granny's diner, where Emma and co. formulate a plan to suck the self-destruct device into a portal created by the magic bean, thus saving Storybrooke. Emma persuades Killian to hand over his pouch, which she believes contains the magic bean. Before she leaves the diner, Emma reveals that Henry's father is Baelfire, and that he is dead. 

Emma goes to save the town, but when she reaches for the magic bean, she discovers it is not in the pouch -- Killian used sleight of hand to remove the bean from the pouch before he gave it to her. The scene cuts to Killian on the Jolly Roger, sailing away from Storybrooke clutching the magic bean in his hand. But he has another change of heart -- possibly as a result of the new revelation that Milah's grandson is in danger -- and returns to Storybrooke to help stop the self-destruct.

However, Emma and Regina had already used their combined magic to stop the self-destruct. In the process, Greg and Tamara kidnapped Henry. When Killian returns to shore, Emma informs him of what has happened, and he offers her the services of the Jolly Roger to help find her son. Emma, Charming, Snow, and Regina board the Jolly Roger, accompanied by Mr. Gold. As Mr. Gold boards the ship, he asks Killian if Killian still intends to kill him. Killian responds that he is no longer seeking revenge, and that his new focus is on saving Henry. Season 2 ends with the Jolly Roger sailing through a portal created by the magic bean toward Neverland, where Greg and Tamara have taken Henry.

Season 3

Season 3 starts off with Killian, Emma, Charming, Snow, Regina, and Mr. Gold on their way to Neverland on the Jolly Roger to rescue Henry. Mr. Gold almost immediately leaves the ship, claiming that he'll find Henry more easily on his own. Meanwhile, in the hold of the ship, Killian finds Emma working out her anger over having her son kidnapped by doing pull-ups. He gives her Baelfire's old sword, and they reminisce together and share a drink of rum.

A storm brews overhead, and mermaids attack the Jolly Roger. The crew manage to find them off with the help of some fireballs from Regina, and they capture one of the mermaids. The mermaid blows her conch shell, linking the storm to the emotions of the crew, so that the angrier they get, the more dangerous the storm becomes. Killian and Charming start brawling, as do Snow and Regina. Emma discovers what is causing the storm, but when no one listens to her, she jumps into the water, snapping everyone out of their anger as they have to team up to rescue her.

The original plan was to sail the Jolly Roger up the river, but the storm has damaged the ship so they proceed on foot instead. Emma decides that Killian will lead them through the jungle, as he spent approximately 300 years in Neverland and knows the lay of the land. It turns out the jungle has changed a lot since he was last there. Then Emma runs into Peter Pan, who captured Henry and is holding him captive. Pan gives Emma a map, which she is supposed to activate. However, Regina takes the map and casts a spell on it so the map will lead them to Pan's camp. They locate the camp, but Henry isn't there -- it's an ambush set up by Pan, who accuses them of breaking the rules of the game. The Lost Boys attack Emma and co., and Charming is hit by a poison arrow -- which is the same poison that Killian used to poison Mr. Gold in New York.


Season two: recurringEdit

2x04 The Crocodile
2x05 The Doctor
2x06 Tallahassee
2x08 Into the Deep
2x09 Queen of Hearts
2x10 The Cricket Game
2x11 The Outsider
2x12 In the Name of the Brother
2x13 Tiny


2x14 Manhattan



  • Killian has a tattoo on his arm of a heart with the name "Milah". The heart is stabbed with Rumplestiltskin's dagger.


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